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MaKro Consulting is available for custom excel macros development, spreadsheet programming, and Microsoft Excel consulting. You can expect high quality results at a very reasonable cost when you hire us to create a custom macro program for you.  All programs are done using XL Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), when necessary.  We can also translate your old Lotus macros to XL.

Our specialty is creating custom spreadsheets, using Excel visual basic programs, that do EXACTLY what you want (with the click of one button). Don't settle for an off the shelf program that SORT OF works.  If you plan to use the program for some time, you can easily justify writing a program that REALLY works.

What should you do?
You may already have Excel spreadsheets set up to handle special tasks within your company, but they might not work as efficiently as you would like them to. Or, there doesn't seem to be an off the shelf program available that does quite what you need.

Possibly the original author of your spreadsheet application has vanished and you need some help updating/repairing your worksheets. Maybe you are just tired of doing some long tedious task manually, and prefer to have a program do it for you in seconds.

You could hire an outside programmer to develop a stand-alone program, but this could be very expensive. You would have to pay all costs for a special program without general sales potential. And after you spend all of this money, what if the programmer has to raise his rates dramatically (since he is the only one that understands his program).   What is the solution?

MaKro consulting can create simple Excel visual basic programs in hours, and for a very modest fee. More complicated programs can be done in days.  We can create the program that does exactly what you want it to do.  Other Excel developers can understand our code. We can help you solve your spreadsheet problems.

Why should you customize your Excel spreadsheet? To save time and money. Your people have already spent time creating the Excel or Lotus spreadsheet that handles your specific task. The code necessary to automate and put the finishing touches on these procedures could be very easy (cheap) to write. Also, your people already know how to navigate the spreadsheet. This should make it easier to use the customized spreadsheet.

Why should you hire MaKro Consulting to do this customization? Because we can do the job quickly, inexpensively, and effectively. You could probably do this yourself, but that would mean spending the time to learn the visual basic tricks, keywords, techniques, etc.  Your time is valuable. Save some time, headaches, and cursing -- let us do the finish work for you.

Updating Your Excel Spreadsheet
Another advantage to the customized spreadsheet is the updating cost. As new versions of Excel come out, they may include new features that you might want to use. By adding additional minor code, you can likely utilize the latest features in your new Excel version. New code for a stand-alone program would have to be specially written. It would probably also be much more expensive.  Also, older VBA code seems to consistently work well in newer versions of XL.  This means that there is a smaller chance of needing to re-create something that already works later on.

The cost of creating a new, stand-alone program from scratch could easily be ten times the cost of optimizing what you already have. Also, Excel is a commonly used program. Therefore, you are not as heavily tied to a single programmer for your specialized program. You could probably find someone to modify your Excel spreadsheet much easier than you could get a new programmer to become familiar with and modify a specialized stand-alone program (assuming you own the source code).

User Modified Programs
Many of the Visual Basic keywords and procedures are fairly easy to understand.   Once a programmer writes the code required, the final user may be able to study and modify the original code without many problems. This could greatly simplify future modifications, and cut later costs as well.  In general, the simpler the solution, and the less code required, the better.  If there is an easy way to allow the end user to make simple changes on the spreadsheet that eliminates the need for additional VBA assistance, we will try to incorporate this in the original design.

WARNINGIf you become too proficient with Excel VBA, you could become so popular that you will not  have time
to do your normal job! 
Of course, we will also be happy to help with future modifications.

A knowledgeable programmer can write the initial code much faster than a novice.   This could easily save you weeks of development time, for only the cost of several hours or days of service. This could speed up your project by weeks or months.  You might even be able to get in an extra golf game,  pick up some new business, or do some charity work with the time saved.

E-mail us to discuss your project. You can also send your file as an attachment for us to examine.  Here are some examples of what our customers say about our work.

Not sure how to send an E-mail attachment?  Here is the procedure for Outlook Express.  If you are concerned with the security of your file, you can password protect the file and call us with the password.  All files received are held strictly confidential.


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