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Excel Consulting and help, Lotus macro conversion to Excel (XL) VBA .

MaKro Consulting is available for Excel consulting and for designing excel custom programs using Excel visual basic (VBA). We can help you with your spreadsheet problems, converting lotus macros to excel, special programs for data export or import to Quick Base, reports, high speed input forms, and many others. Believe it.   Here are some examples of what our customers say about our work.

If you have the option to choose your electric power provider, you have probably spent some time comparing the rates of different companies to decide who you should use.  This free electric price calculator spreadsheet should help with the calculations.

We also offer a 3 sound white noise CD that makes a good background noise to help cover up some of the more annoying noises that always seem to be trying to wake you at night or distract you during the day.  Users have reported favorable results in masking office noises, speaker phones, loud talkers, chatting co-workers, etc. -resulting in improved job performance.

Home Loan is an older DOS style program written to teach you about your home mortgage and ways to save money on your loan.  It should help you learn more about financing.  It is an old program that might help make you a millionaire.

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Contact us for excel help or Excel consultants.   Or, if you need assistance with Lotus macro conversion, a macro translator, or some extra help to convert lotus macros to excel.  We have extensive experience writing lotus macros, macro translation, and writing excel macro programs.  This makes it easy to convert your wk1, wk3, or wk4 files to XL.. Excel custom programming and consulting is our business.  If you have a spreadsheet problem and need an expert solution, send us a note.  We can help.   Thank you.  --  XLhelp.com


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NOTE: The cumulative TOTAL allowable credit card payment with this service is $4,000 per card, unless you also link your checking account as a possible form of payment to Pay Pal (or place to transfer funds that you receive).  Credit card transactions are $10,000+ each with a verified checking account.  This service now supports US and many international credit cards.