Home Loan Calculator

Home Loan is an MS DOS program that can be run under DOS  or Windows. The program was written for the sole purpose of learning ways to save money on home mortgages. It is a mortgage calculator and more. Compare ARMs and fixed rate loans. Plot equity values.

Home Loan can also be very helpful in deciding how much money you should borrow, and how expensive a house you should buy. If you are thinking of buying a house, you need to look at this program. Interest costs on your home mortgage can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prepare yourself before you borrow by knowing the facts. For present homeowners, learn how to reduce interest costs on your existing loan.

Paying a little extra on your mortgage each month can make a big difference in your total interest payments. Use Home Loan to find out how big the difference can be. Also, record your mortgage payments and verify the remaining balance on your loan.

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